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About the

Sunshine Charity

Welcome to the Sunshine Charity:


We are the Sunshine Charity a new start-up charity fighting to break isolation and loneliness in the lives of vulnerable people that can lead to mental health problems, including eating disorders, self-harm and other issues that affect the lives of those isolated and alone. We aim to be a grassroots charity working with those in need locally to provide them with the social and support needs network and also giving people the skills and tools to live safe and happy independent lives.


Our overall mantra is to be by the side of those in need, no matter their destination we want to be the sunshine in their lives to help and guide them to a better mmore fore filled life.


Sunshine Charity Mantra:

“By Your Side” our overall ethos is to care and make a difference to people, to inspire and build their confidence, skills and give them the tools to manage their mental health and wellbeing by giving them the coping mechanisms.


Sunshine Charity Vision:

A world where no-one feels lonely or isolated.

Sunshine Charity Mission Statement:

Sunshine Charity is 'by your side' to help combat isolation and loneliness, bringing people together and delivering positive opportunities and experiences.


Sunshine Charity Values and Ethos:

  • We are caring, passionate and friendly.

  • We put people at the heart of the Sunshine Charity.

  • We support people to get their confidence and independence back.

  • We are professional and collabrative in the ways we work.


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