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Helpline + Live Chat

We are contactable both on live chat and on the phone.

We listen and offer practical advice.

Calls and chats are answered by trained people who really care

We are impartial and confidential, with few exceptions. Ask about these when you speak to us.

Here's what to expect when you speak to us...


Firstly, give us a call or start a live chat on our website. If we are not available, leave us a message and someone from the team will be in touch.


Once connected, we will start by asking you some questions to understand how we can help and collect monitoring information, (which we are required to do).


We will listen, without judgement, to what you have to say. We might ask a few questions along the way to better understand what you’re going through.


Once we've chatted about everything you wanted to get off your chest, we will start exploring your options, beginning your current support and what you feel will work for you.


We will also make recommendations to services that may help, such as support we provide and services of other relevant places.


You agree to a plan that works for you. We go over what we have decided and make sure you understand what are the next steps.


After the interaction, we’ll make any referrals we agreed on. You’ll know that if you ever need to reach out again, we are here.

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