Our Story

Our Vision

“A world where no one feels lonely or isolated”

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By the side of all lonely people

Our founder, saw the devastating impact of loneliness in his social community work, including a shocking increase in suicides. And he also saw first hand how difficult it is to get support for those feeling lonely - including his own disabled sister. 


Work started on Sunshine Charity in late 2019 - ready to bring socialising, support and, dare we say it, fun so desperately needed in people’s lives.

Our Mission

“Sunshine Charity is by your side to help combat isolation and loneliness, bringing people together to deliver positive opportunities and experiences."

Our Values

  1. We are caring, compassionate and friendly.

  2. We put people at the heart of the Sunshine Charity.

  3. We help people to regain their confidence and independence.

  4. We are professional and collaborative in our ways of working.