What We Do

Our Work

All our services fit into one or more of three services;

  1. Befriending Service

  2. Health and Wellbeing Programmes

  3. Community Groups and Activities (Social and Support Groups)

We aim to inspire, build confidence and skills, and give people the tools to manage their mental health and wellbeing.

Online and Telephone based support will give those unable to leave their homes some human connection, with someone to talk to and listen to them, while getting access to the support they need.

Drop-In Sessions, with an opportunity to sit down and have a chat with one of our Sunshine Charity team in a relaxed and comfortable space, plus optional participation in our valuable social based activities or our life and social skills workshops.


Social and Support Groups will be a new opportunity for users to engage each other in a safe social setting. And our support can continue online, sharing opportunities to socialise and practical support for dealing with the effects of loneliness.

As a charity working with vulnerable people, we believe that our service users should be at the heart of what we do. Therefore our Service User Forum is made up of a group of volunteers who are also service users, acting as ambassadors for our work and with a strong voice in how the Sunshine Charity is run.

The Service User Forum actively participate in the work of Sunshine Charity, engaging with decision making, inspiring other vulnerable people and engaging with the community, while developing communication, leadership, social and life skills. The Forum is also given a space where they can make an impact in the lives of those suffering from loneliness and social isolation.

Our Approach

Led by service-user needs

Open to anyone

Sociable and friendly

Teach new skills

Free to join

Run by trained


Join Our Activities

Drop-in Sessions in community centres, with entertainment and skills workshops.

Online Support including practical advice, people to contact and upcoming events.

Social and Support groups for service users to meet, including nights out and dinners.

Creation of Peer Support Networks to protect vulnerable people in our society.

Collaboration with other charities and organisations to pool expertise and impact.